Friday, April 25, 2014

This is a Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into...

When I began reading RV blogs about a year ago, I began taking notes.  There was so much essential information there!  Pretty soon, my desk was covered with pieces of paper, pages I'd printed--it was just one big mess!  Jim remembered that he'd gotten a nice bound notebook at a conference.  It was perfect!

I began taking notes--lots of notes.  I even went to and took notes--lots of notes.
After reading about the tragic loss of Dave & Marcia's rig in a fire, I began tracking all of our expenses for the new trailer.  That section is behind the little pink tab:

I have about half of the notebook filled.  Now the big question--how do I organize all this information?  This is a fine mess I've gotten myself into!

Today is my turn for a haircut & tonight we're going out to dinner with our friends Sharon & Mike.  Jim's going to build another birdhouse & I'm going to shop for pillow fabric for the trailer.

All in all, a very good day ahead here at the end of the road.  Take good care.  Safe travels & thanks for stopping by.


  1. I also have lists all over the place. When I get some time I put them into spreadsheets on the computer then shred the pieces of paper. I can use the computer for getting things in order much faster than by doing it on paper. You can also use the computer for keeping track of your budget and expenditures. I made programs for Kathy and then the kids asked for personalized programs for their families.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I also use the computer. I have a spreadsheet for all my expenses and where I've stayed, how long, misc. notes, etc. For the rest I have an RV Folder with other folders inside, also on the computer in a Word file. The thing I like about having everything on the computer is that I can do a search and the correct folder or file will come up. This became more important as I got more information filed away. Evernote is also a good free program for putting notes in. :)

  3. I did the same thing, had the same problem of how to find specific info in all the notes. So like the others, I created computer files for different categories. Places to visit by state, ideas for choosing a rig, maintaining a rig etc. I'be tracked my every penny ever since I was 21. Pretty interesting to see what things cost then.

  4. I've tried to use Evernote, but just haven't been able to get into the swing of it. Those who have seem truly to love it. I have a FileMaker database that I started in the mid-80's when I worked at Apple. I have adapted it over the years to encompass many aspects of life. But I would love to switch to Evernote, and try occasionally to sit down to try to understand it.

    Virtual hugs,


  5. I use the computer to list all the places I want to go...don't ask how many places that is! I have a different document for each state now and when I ready about something I like I just "copy and paste" it into the document. When I have extra time I go back, look the destinations up on google maps and then group them by region in the state once the list starts getting long. I can't wait for the day I can hit everything on my Utah list...that might take a year alone! Every once in a while I back it up to a little flashdrive in case our computer crashes so I don't lose my wish list!