Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Daughter-in-Law Nancy--Nearly a Pharmacist!

I am proud to report that my daughter-in-law, Nancy, has completed the academic work for pharmacy school!  Just completing the prerequisites would be challenge for most of us.  It's very science-heavy and takes about 2 years to complete all the required pre-req courses.  Nanc has always made every step of her journey look effortless!

Once Nancy was accepted to pharmacy school, the academic rigor increased ten-fold.  Every two weeks she & her cohort had a new unit.  One unit might be neurology, the next endocrine, the next behavioral.  Each unit is two weeks long and there is an exam on the content studied at the end of each unit.  If you pass, the weekend is yours (Nancy spent most of those weekends preparing for the next unit).  If you fail, you study your brains out over the weekend & retake the exam.  Life is much easier if you pass the second time.  I am very proud to report that Nanc had to re-take only two exams!  Students endure two years of this challenging, demanding schedule.  The longest break you have is one week.  This is the academic work that Nancy has just finished!

In about 10 days, she begins clinical rotations.  Most of Nancy's rotations will be in Oregon with the exception of one rotation at Yakama Nation next spring.  Each rotation is six weeks long.  Approximately one year from now, Nancy will be graduating from pharmacy school and we will all be there to cheer her on & celebrate this huge accomplishment with her.  Nancy is brilliant, persistent and has remained remarkably calm as she achieves all of her goals.  I know she will make a world-class pharmacist & will carry on the fine traditions of her chosen profession including education, conscientiousness, professionalism & integrity.  Nancy carries all these traits and more in her.

Here are Nancy & Nate (my middle son)--

This card reminds me of Nancy & her journey:

Warm congratulations, Nanc!  We are so very proud of you & all you've accomplished!  With great love from two very proud Parents-in-Law at the end of the road!

Thanks for stopping by.  Take good care, safe travels & be well.  And hey, if you have any questions about your medication, ask your pharmacist!  They're a wealth of knowledge!

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