Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ari Here--Today We're Going to Talk About the CH Words

Hi there.  I've really had a good day today.  Dad & I took 4 or 5 walks!  I love going down the path into the woods.  There are so many good smells down there.  I took a nap in front of the fire with Mom.  And I had two of my very favorite foods--CHicken and CHeese!  I started with 2 bowls full of chicken broth left over from cooking the chicken.  It was so yummy.  Then I moved on to some actual chicken off the bone.  Chicken off the bone has more flavor than the cooked chicken breast but hey!  A dog can't be picky!  I'll take chicken any way I can get it!

Most days chicken broth and some actual chicken would make me so happy!  But today was a great day.  Mom made tortilla soup & you know what goes on tortilla soup, right?  Yup.  Cheese!  Dad says I can tell when he opens a package of cheese--I don't even have to see it.  I just know--it's cheese.  It's like this sixth sense I have for things that begin with CH!

When there's cheese involved--and chicken too--Mom makes me sit & I do.  I sit like a show dog at Westminster!  Let me show you!

Nice, huh?  Dad cuts a nice big piece of cheese & tells me it's mine.  Oh boy!
But I have to keep sitting...I can do this...oh, it's getting closer...
Woo hoo!  Incoming and Score!  Oh gosh!  It's pepper jack--it's Tillamook too!  I'm in cheese heaven!

I've gotta go & see if I can get another piece of that cheese.  Mom & Dad say Hey! from us here at the end of the road.  Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. What a lucky dog to get his own bowl of broth! ;->

    Virtual hugs,