Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Quiet Day

We've had a nice quiet day.  Last Monday, Jim strained his back while raking up moss after thatching the front lawn.  It's been nearly a week & he's feeling only marginally better.  He may have to go see his PCP if he's not better soon. We took Ari for several walks in the woods. I made hummus (so much better than store-bought) and we had tortilla soup for dinner tonight.

Since I basically have nothin', I leave you with some photos from the state park here on the island.  Two were taken at the beach & the third is the trail at the top of the bluff where we love to go for walks.  Have a happy & safe week.

The folks here at the end of the road.


  1. What is a Blog? A Blog is a Log, a Post, a Journal or a Diary by other names. It is a way of keeping track of our own actions as well as let those we want or allow to know what is happening in our lives. It will not only talk of the Good times but the Bad. Those times that make us laugh and the times that make us cry. When we have moments of dispair and ask others for their prayers.
    When you think of it you have a lot more to write about than you think. There are readers wishing they could be doing even the simple everyday things we all take for granted and they live their lives through our blogs. Yes it's not always glamorous but it is our lives and the thought put into writing it helps to keep your mind sharp and alert.
    Now you know you have more to write about than you thought.
    Once Jim sees his doctor and he gets straightened out he'll have to start exercising. Being that he is now not as active as he was when he was working he will have to exercise to keep in shape otherwise he'll be making more trips to see the PCP in the future for the same problem.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you for your wise words, Rick! I need all the opportunities I can get to keep my mind sharp! You're absolutely right--Jim said he's going to get back on the treadmill now that his back is feeling better! Move it or lose it, right? We would love to see our docs only once a year! Take good care--loved your Easter photos!

  2. Very serene photos!

    Virtual hugs,


  3. A sore back is no fun so I hope Jim is doing better. We just don't snap back like we used to. Your end of the road is sure prety.

    1. Hi Sandie! Thankfully, Jim is feeling much better today! You're so right--we go down faster & get up slower at our age! Thank you--we love it here. Jim must have doctor appointments coming up soon.