Sunday, March 2, 2014

Let's Move to the Interior

...of Mood Stabilizer, that is!  We finally had some sunny days so I was able to take photos of the inside of our new Nash 24M.  Here's a shot from the bathroom looking toward the bedroom.  With the slide out there's a good amount of floor space.
And here's the kitchen.  There's not a lot of counter space but I manage with little counter space at home so no worries...

The bathroom has a large storage closet.  All of the storage closets seem cavernous so we'll have to figure out how to stack things so they're accessible.

The bedroom area has a lot of storage & seems very functional.  After sleeping in the corner bed of our 19' Layton, this queen walk-around bed is a dream-come-true!
Jim has begun taking the decals of some of the windows--what a huge improvement!  Our first trip will be this July when we travel to a family reunion on the Oregon Coast.  Thanks to all of your recommendations, we'll be well-prepared for a fun, uneventful trip!

That's it from us here at the end of the road.  I hope you're beginning to see signs of spring in your neighborhood, wherever that may be.  Thanks for checking in with us today.
Dawn & Jim


  1. Is there a floorplan diagram on the net somewhere that you could point me to? This looks like a very functional rig! You're sure to enjoy it.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Hi Judie,
    I hope this link works for you:

  3. I love it! Your kitchen looks a lot like mine and you have a kitchen window too, which I love. It's nice to be working and be able to look out at the view. A full down bed - that's really nice, too.

    Thanks for the link - I checked it out and the whole inside is beautiful - lots of comfort and charm for sure - you'll be happy and snug. I'm looking forward to posts on the road in your new rig. :)

  4. I love your new rig. I think it's just perfect for having wonderful times.

  5. Very cool! Congrats! I've heard the Nash makes a wonderful rig.