Thursday, May 1, 2014

The End of a Work Week

Gosh, I'm tired tonight.  Have been waking up about 2 AM the last few nights & then unable to fall asleep again.  We got a pizza for dinner last night for the first time in years & we both decided never to do that again.  The gluten & cheese definitely came back on us.  So we had simple food for dinner tonight--vegs & hummus, red lentil dal with Indian Fried Rice.  Good stuff.

Jim had quite an adventure today.  We got a good deal on upgrading our network speed with Frontier. We were told it would be "blazing fast!"  Who can refuse that?  The technician came today to do the work.  I sure wish you could've been here to hear Jim's stories about this guy!  Jim described him as "twitchier than my nephew with ADHD!"  Then my darling husband proceeded to demonstrate how the tech would slip his tools off his belt, click them off & on rapidly or play with them & then put them back in his belt & then exclaim that "there has to be a splice somewhere!  I'm going to have to re-wire the whole *@% house!"  Well, that didn't happen.  He found it--right where Jim told him it was!  He also dinked something with the phone jack--the buzzing noise is GONE!  And best of all, we went from 6 mb per second to 23--"blazing fast!"

Jim's de-winterizing the trailer & cleaning out the fresh water tank for its' first fill.  I might start putting things away out there this weekend.  Our gorgeous weather is due to end Saturday at the latest.

I think that's just about all the news that's fit to print from us at the end of the road.  I'm goin' to bed.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I wish I had blazing fast but doesn't happen with Verizon. Wonder what your service guy was using (and I'm not talking tools). Sure glad Jim was there to tell him what to do. Going to be hot here this week-end.

  2. That's funny! But super good to have blazin' fast speeds, for sure. I could just picture that tech. :)