Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Rare--but Epic--Fail from Apple

For those of you with iPads or iPhones considering the iOS update to 7.0.6 I have a word of advice--first, update iTunes!  Apple does not tell users this & the end result is a long & arduous process.

I was able to update my iPhone without a problem.  My iPad is a completely different story.  I ran the update & my screen locked up.  I had to use Jim's laptop to go to the Apple Support Communities web site to find the solution which was to install iTunes on his laptop & then follow the instructions from Apple Support to restore my iPad.  It took nearly 45 minutes for the recovery to occur.  I won't bore you with all the details.  Bottom line--if you see a locked up screen with the words iTunes & a charger graphic, you will need to go through the restore process.  AND you will need a computer to accomplish this.  I think I would have had to call Apple Support if I hadn't had access to Jim's laptop.

My photos, apps, & shortcuts are all gone.  I'll be able to restore most of them but it will be a lengthy process.  Basically, if this happens to you, you get to begin again at square one.  But hey, if you didn't like your passcode, this gives you the opportunity to choose a new one!

So thanks, Apple, for giving me something to do today.   I think I would have rather had a root canal.


  1. We have Droids and no updates that have caused us that kind of issue. That would be enough to make me cry.

  2. You're fortunate. It's a big job restoring everything.

  3. Oops I wish I had read this yesterday ... I just finished with the update. Don't think iTunes got updated yet, we will see...

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